Power to Fringe addicts and artists

   Quartz: concept application that gives fringe "addicts" on-demand access to tickets, show details and a helping hand in understanding what shows are currently happening around them.

In addition, Quartz lets young or amateur artists to get exposure, by giving them the leading role when posting and arranging their own shows or performances.

Problem and challenge

Everyone that has been around for the Fringe Festival understands how caotic and sometimes opportunistic the environment is. For some, it is hard to know what is going on and where. While at the same time, young artists struggle to get exposure and ability to organize their own performances without just "cluttering" and adding to the street loud cacofony.

When creating Quartz concept, my goal was to create an application that would provide showbiz consumers a one-stop application to get information about Fringe shows and purchase tickets, but also provide a place for young or amateur artists to be seen and heard.

Quartz overview

Quartz is a mobile take to empower young artists to schedule and profit from their skills, by providing exposure among the shows that take place on Edinbugh International Festival and The Fringe. ​​

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From left to right: Menu Overview, "Featured" shows and home screen, Show detail and reviews

From left to right: Show details folded and reviews, Add a performance/show